Its raining at the moment, its also rather windy and cold, looking out of the window I can just see a kid nearly being splattard into a million squidgy bloody little pieces across the school drive, but alas he moves out of the way doesnt he!.

Its lunch, I also dont have a lot to do, which really isnt true, but I just dont have the info i need to do it with. Im not hungry, which is good because ive been putting on a little weight recently, nothing major, but the ol'belly is starting grow. I am also alone in the room and the office phone is ringing (annoying)

I absolulty buggered my knee up last night after rehersing with my band. It happend when i came home and was pushing the internet cable back into its port (the pc is on the floor), i stood up and walked a minute, then fell onto the sofa. But that was last night, when i woke up this morning it was fine, so ive got no idea what was happening there.

Over the past few weeks ive been on a purge of better class nodes, ive been doing my best to ake them more and more better, I even signed up for a mentor who is footprints and he has helped me loads.