A recent advert for Pizza Hut (or 'The Pizza Hut', as your granddaddy might say) emphasised the way one could 'twist' pieces of the crust off to eat.

For the backing music, they used 'Twisting' by They Might Be Giants, making good use of the lyrics:

She wants to see you again/
Twisting, Twisting ...

But sort of fading out / talking over the lyrics:

... in the wind.

The original song is one of those that satirise a formulaic type of song by sounding just like it (to show how easy the formula is to apply), but having the lyrics subvert the expectations raised by the sound1. It is very satisfying to see dumb-ass ad execs falling for the form and ignoring the content.

No, wait - maybe it was depressing to see something so clever emasculated and used for something so crass.

No, wait - I love Pizza Hut, and They Might Be Giants. So I guess I'm quite happy with the whole affair.

1 See also 'Lenny and Terence' or 'Do Re Mi So Far So Good' by Carter USM, or 'You're Gorgeous' by Babybird.