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What it is, yo!

I Back In Town.

I'm really like a everything one kind of guy, you know? All this raising the bar stuff leaves me cold. I liked it when you found something that wasn't noded, and you noded it. Then maybe someone will do it better one day, and your thing can get deleted.

But you know I just can't leave it alone, so hey: I'm back around.

They call me Dr. Worm.

(They call me Ben)

Good morning, how are you? I'm Dr. Worm: I'm interested in things.

(I am interested in things)

I'm not a real doctor

(I have a BSc in Psychology)

but I am a real worm,


I am an actual worm:

(actually a 27 year-old man)

I live like a worm.

(Except above ground, and less, um, wormly)

I like to play the drums.


I think I'm getting good,

(a bit)

but I can handle criticism.

(a bit)

I'll show you what I know,

(If you're lucky)

and you can tell me if you think I'm getting better on the drums.

(or the guitar)

I'll leave the front unlocked 'cause I can't
hear the doorbell ...

(It doesn't work. But I'll see you out of the front window. I SEE ALL!)

When I get into it I can't tell if you are
watching me twirling the stick.
When I give the signal, my friend


Rabbi Vole will play the solo ...

(the bass solo)

Some day somebody else besides me will
call me by my
stage name - they will
call me Dr Worm.
Good Morning how are you, I'm Dr Worm:


I'm interested in things.

(I really am interested in things. Most things.)

I'm not a real doctor


but I am a real worm;
I am an actual worm.

(perhaps actual is't exactly the word ...)

I live like a worm.

(I live like a king!)

I like to play the drums.

(chest for the bass drum, pocket for the snare)

I think I'm getting good,

(my wife thinks I'm getting good)

but I can handle criticism.

(I can't handle criticism at all. Not even a bit)

I'll show you what I know


and you can tell me if you think I'm getting better on the drums;
I'm not a real doctor,

(I'm a professional)

But they call me Dr. Worm.

(Dee Ar Space Doubleyou Oh Ar Em)

Tee hee! That was a lot of fun, wasn't it?
People I like:
(in deliberately random order)
  • Jet-poop
    Used to be the leader of e2comix. JP is one of Everything's Best Users, but he totally gave up his Godly powers. Cool, huh? His homenode is really good, as are his writeups and stuff.
  • Freezeup
    Jon got me into Everything - and he got me a job - good man! He has more books than anyone else I know, and he's heard of pretty much anything you care to mention. He doesn't come by here much any more, though, which is a shame.
  • wertperch
    Seems like a nice bloke. His website has pictures of Everythingians on it, which is always fun.
  • amnesiac
    It is beginning to become clear to me that amnesiac is one of the sharpest people around here. His catbox comments are quick, perfectly phrased and very funny.
  • Habakkuk
    One of those bible names that never really caught on ... Hab's writing is really good (see above), and he certainly comes across as a nice chap. Religion and comics, those eternal bedfellows, are his bag.
  • Mrs Worm
    My wife, or course! She's never logged on, I don't think, but it's nice to know the account is there, in case she wants to /msg me or something.
  • Decimetre
    Tremendously well-written, witty and properly researched writeups and a homely homenode to boot. Good chap!
  • Oolong
    Seems like a nice chap - a fellow tree-climber, it seems, which is always a plus in my book.
  • Dreamvirus
    My mentor when I started back. A nice Irish boy, honest, funny and intelligent. His chess writeups are good for a scratch of the old noggin, and his writeup on Viktor Schauberger is one of the coolest things around.
  • liveforever
    A good man, by all accounts. I have all kinds of respect for the pledge, as set out in his home node. I couldn't do it, but ...
  • Jumpy Spider
    My brother. Another e1 relic, he stops by only occasionally. Maybe he'll be around more when he gets his PC attached to the International Network of Computers.

And now, an appeal:

My writeup on Esus4, an underused guitar chord, sucked when it was originally released into the world. Now it's better, but nobody ever sees it. If you have it in your heart, please take pity on this little chap and check him out </fluttering eyelids>It's looking much better now! Thanks!