I'm in a playground I recognize as being one I used to go to with my ex-girlfriend, in Sayreville, NJ. I'm playing on a small merry-go-round; it's about 6 feet in diameter and made of tin o aluminum, so it doesn't really work up all that much angular momentum. Somehow, though, I know that if I manage to apply enough torque to spin it up to 331/3rpma, it will act as a time machine. I therefore proceed to try all manner of methods to apply such torque.

I succeed in spinning up the merry-go-round, but instead of me being transported forward in time, an M&M from the future has been transported backwards -- but it's not an M&M, it's really my girlfriend. She attempts to seduce me, but she has ulterior motives; apparently if I sleep with her, her future M&M-self won't be eaten.

Later, I'm in a hospital. My clothes have been taken away from me, and people are attempting to feed me a charcoal milkshake. I wake.

aHow this relates to 88 mph, I'm not sure.