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Remember, Remember the fifth of November

I love katyana so much; I had to explain guy fawkes night to her when she asked why we were setting off fireworks at the beginning of November. She was horrified that we burn an effigy of Guy on a bonfire to celebrate him not quite blowing up our houses of parliament... We don't do it often, and who said anything about british people being boring?

Informing My Mother

I am such a flake. I emailed my Mother about Katyana, explaining things about her and what we are about... No reply yet, but I'm sure she'll have a lot to say.

Afternoon Nap

Yawn, I am feeling all dopey after taking an afternoon nap. I love that yawning, warm feeling as you wake up and wonder why the clock says 6pm and not 6am.

Spoilt Brat

My Mother is bringing over a hand made lasagne for me to eat. Yay! I am so spoilt by her and her lasagnes are lovely. I wonder whether it will be quorn or lamb?

More later my sugar coated chocolate mice