This could be one of two things:

1) Microsoft, seeing the popularity of E2 have decided to embrace and extend it. Microsoft Everything.NET will be a carbon copy of the functionality of E2, but with the soul ripped screaming from the body; leaving a bitter husk behind.

Everything.NET will be easy to install, but will only run on Win2k Enterprise edition, SQL Server enterprise edition and MS internet information stealer^H^H^H^H^H^H^H server. The press release will not mention E2, nor Apache or MySQL and will imply that MS engineers have been hard at work for 2 years designing this revolutionary, easy to use, user friendly and paradigm shifting system, under the direct visionary guidance of Bill Gates.

The system will cost $750 per user and will be restricted to a 65355 nodes limit which, if exceeded, will require the purchase of another server cluster license. Nodes will be renamed InfoDroplets(tm) and will be created using a flashy UI that will use COM and VB to directly insert the node (as an XML wrapped C++ written COM object) into the SQL server.

All Microsoft websites will be touted as running Everything.NET, but will in fact be running the original E2 on Apache servers and MySQL databases patched to pretend they are running Win2k and SQL server. Nodeballs will be renamed ContextPackages and will only work on the latest Everything.NET service packs, which will have security holes in. Oh yeah, and it won't display correctly in Netscape or Lynx. MS will then sue Nate et al for patent violation (breathing) and tie them down in lawsuits for years to come.

2) Failing that, Microsoft Everything will be the catch all product name for the world, once Microsoft buys it.

The Nodeshell Rescue Team