This is an idea that has been brewing in my mind for a little while now. It's really an extension of The Great Grand E2 mix-tape Lotto; we all seem to love to share music, so why not via our own private little Napster network?

This is just an RFC right now, just a little toe in the water to see if anyone is interested. My main motivation for setting this network up is the hypothesis that noders have a more wide ranging and eclectic musical tastes than your average napster user.

We will need:

  • Servers! I don't honestly know the number of daily users on E2, or how many of those would want to share music with each other. I would imagine we'd need to have a network capable of 500-1000 connections...
  • Users with a good selection of music. (Well, Duh!)
  • Admins. People with experience of opennap servers, probably those who own/run the servers... If you want to see what is involved, a good jumping off point would be

Anyway, just an RFC; /msg me with an opinion, or email the address on my homenode. Or add a writeup if you must, but beware the ever-vigilant gtky node destroying editors...