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8:30 BST

I should finish building the mini TV station in the lab today: video source, encoders, multiplexers, modulators and receivers. I have to learn about MPEG2 transport streams and PSI thingys (whatever they are)

13:30 BST

As I was clearing a space in the lab for a VTR, I felt something cold against my wrist. It was a scalpel that had been left under some papers stacked on top of a box. As I had moved the box, the papers and the scalpel had fallen to the side - over my wrist. The scalpel was balanced blade edge against my left wrist but hadn't cut the skin. I moved my right hand slowly and picked the scalpel up, then placed the scalpel carefully on a work surface.

I then freaked out.

I started to shake uncontrollably and couldn't breathe. I knocked several expensive pieces of equipment over as I backed quickly into a corner. Tears came into my eyes as my proximity to disaster sank in. I sat down and wrapped my arms around myself for 15 minutes, swaying slightly from side to side bumping against the wall.

This may seem like an exagerrated reaction, but I hate scalpels. I've spent a fair amount of time in hospital; I probably view scalpels as some kind of metaphor for suffering. All I know is that I cannot stand the sight of those sharp knives and will act totally irrationally to get away from them. Some engineers use them to cut packages open or scrape circuit board tracks; I wish they would use something else :(

This has ruined my whole day :(

23:45 BST

Just got back from seeing Gone in 60 Seconds with my Brother. He's a car nut; I thought he would enjoy the film. Pete was really, really disappointed with it - he had thought it would feature more car chases and less acting. I, however, loved it. I hate cars with a vengeance, so I was pleasantly surprised by this film. It fit a lot of characters together quite well, imho.