It snowed.

OK. All you damn northerners are just wowed, I'm sure. But it rarely snows in Oklahoma, and when it does snow, it never sticks to the ground. I remember being so jazzed when I was young - there was enough snow to actually build a snowman. So, please, allow me my simple joy.

I celebrated by going biking.

The roads were empty. Lots of sand, but wet sand, so traction was all right. I had on my long johns, some hunting gloves, a ski mask, and a bike helmet, along with normal clothes. I'm very fond of the ski mask - it's blue, and very loose around the neck, so all it needs is a red insignia on the forehead and I look kinda like a bespectacled Cobra Commander when I've got it on.

Not much really happened, except I dropped by some high-class bar to warm up for a bit, and they were watching Univision - one of the Spanish soaps was on, and it seemed like the whole bar was just entranced by the show. It was a bit surreal.