Name of a record label located in Hamburg, Germany, owned by the LADO Musik GmbH, which is also owner of the Ladomat 2000 label (the electronic music counterpart of L'Age D'Or). It was founded in 1988 by Carol von Rautenkranz (still producer of many important German Rock records) and Pascal Fuhlbrügge because of the lack of support for new Punk and Rock bands in Germany in these years, when the bands of the neue deutsche Welle ("new german wave", came some years after new wave; german lyrics) were still hyped while the demand after such music was dropping.

In 1986 and 87 they arranged concerts of local bands with completely different music genres in Hamburg as an agency, on October 22, 1988 the label itself was founded, its first release being a single by Kolossale Jugend ("thundering youth"): "Kein Schulterklopfen". Until 1990 the label had helped forming a strong and innovative independent music scene in Hamburg. Due to some financial troubles in 1991 they signed an agreement with Polydor and have since signed the majority of important German Rock bands, especially from the Hamburg School, thereunder Tocotronic, Die Sterne, Ostzonensuppenwürfelmachenkrebs, Blumfeld, Die Aeronauten, Fink, GUZ, Stella, Superpunk as well as republishing Dionysos' album Haiku in Germany.