What are my creative juices?

Are they pressed? Are they squeezed? Do they contain pulp? Are they from concentrate? Are they old-fashioned? Are they 100% juice? Will they expire? Should I shake them before opening? Should I refrigerate them after opening? How much milk would I have to drink to receive the same amount of calcium? How much fat is in each serving? What constitutes a serving? Will this explode in my freezer?

From what fruit are they derived? Is it sweet? Is it nectar? Will I choke when it blooms like a flower in my throat? Can I put it in my hummingbird feeder? Will it attract bees?

Is it tart? How tart? So tart they made a movie out of it? No, not the book, the movie! Is it refreshing, like lemonade? Or sour, like lemon juice? Does it go with fish? White wine? Will it bring tears to my eyes...or yours?

Is it beautiful? In the spring, will there be blossoms? Does it need pruning? Will it grow wild? Unchecked, will it overcome itself, an ungainly giant without mind or soul, and end as its own demise?

Or is this the juice of the meat of the flesh of a beast? Must it be domesticated? Herded and bred? Do we slaughter it live for consumption? Do we roast it over the spit, with wild, pagan rituals? Do we beautify it in the back of the restaurant and teach ourselves to forget its rough ancestry? Can it be tamed?