If possible, let them pick out the book, otherwise pick a book that you loved as a child. This is important, kids will know if you are pretending to like it. Turn off the TV, stereo, etc.

Find a chair, sofa, bed, etc. that will fit both of you (barely)-let them sit where they want to sit- trust me, they will pick an angle.

Read in a normal voice unless a change of inflection is necessary because of characters or plot device- too much changing is confusing- (Use a real voice! )

Read slowly, let them look at all the pictures and remember they will probably have questions about small things that are not related to the story. It matters to them. Listen. Let them decide when it's time to go to the next page.

After four or five pages try leaving out the end of some sentences-most kids love this- "So the lion decided to go back.......... HOME they will shout- proudly. (How great is that!)

When the story is over, always say The End, even if the book doesn't.

Read it again, at least once. Otherwise it doesn't count.