Dear Brain,

First of all, thank you for controlling certain autonomic, life sustaining activities like circulatory and respiratory functions. Please keep up the good work! Also, thanks for helping me escape/avoid all those foolish life-threatenening situations to which I used to be so prone.

I am sorry, old friend, but I have a few gripes as well. These are mainly concerned with storage and retrieval of my personal experience data.
  • When recalling certain events, please spare me your criticisms of "you should have/could have/would have". I didn't ask you for your opinion.
  • Quit witholding those really painful memories. I need to reconcile these issues somehow once and for all. But as you let me access this data, please...
  • Don't spring this stuff on me in public! You know I don't deal well with the flashbacks.
  • Please, however, keep reminding me of life's many joys. I want to have more positive experiences and share these with my family and friends.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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