A really good book by Larry Elder. I saw him on Dateline, and how controversial he was, and immediately picked up his book.

Larry Elder is a African-American libertarian who hosts The Larry Elder Show on KABC radio in Los Angeles. He keeps strumming up listeners by lously voicing his views on smaller governments, why the Health care crisis is a lie, and why drugs aren't the US's biggest problem but illegitimatacy is. What makes a lot of people hate him is his views on education, the glass ceiling, and racism.

Let's go over all ten chapters and his views:
1. Blacks are more Racist than Whites. Very interesting viewpoint, especially since he's black. Full of gems like "Racism is no longer a serious threat to upward social mobility." Instead, he says that people play the Race card way too often and cry that they're being victimized when it's not the case. He writes his ideas clearly and concisely, and shows real-life references to what he means. I'd suggest go see Ten Reasons Why Reparations for Blacks are a Bad Idea for Blacks - and Racist Too. Elder's philosophy is simple "If you work hard enough, and go to school, you can get a good job regardless of race." Look at all the doctors and laywers.

2. White Condescension is as bad as Black Racism. What is white condescension? When people bend over backwards to show how unbiased they are. Like how some security guards won't touch blacks for fear they could be labeled racist by stopping a person. Plus, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are only making it worse. According to him, Latrell Sprewell went and choked his coach during NBA practice, and got off scot free, while John Rocker got in serious trouble. Why? because people didn't want to look racist if Sprewell was suspended, and wanted to show it by condemning Rocker.

3. The Media Bias- It's real, It's Widespread, It's Destructive. The newspapers and TV are very selective about what they print, ignoring some studies and airing others, even when they contradict each other. Look at how the media focused on Columbine High School and not the Decatur Seven.

4. The Glass Ceiling- Full of Holes. He believes that the Glass Ceiling is not impenetrable, if you work hard, you'll get past it. Look at the fact that not all CEOs are white males, it can be done. See how many minorities get into college because of grades? He's against affirmative action, as there are people who work hard enough who deserve to be there, including blacks.

5. America's Greatest Problem: Not Crime, Racism, or Bad Schools, it's Illegitimacy. If you're raised in a family where you see your parent or parents work, it gives you a work ethic to go to school, college, an an honest job. See The Belmont 112.

6. There is No Health Care "Crisis". Clinton said that there are 45 million Americans without Health Care Coverage. But that doesn't mean that they can't get Health care. The laws of Supply and Demand do Apply to health care, we don't have a doctor shortage. He says maybe we should take a cue from Canada's system.

7. America's Welfare State: The Tyranny of the Statist Quo. In 1871, a fire nearly destroyed the entire city of Chicago, but the entire city rebuilt itself with virtually no government assistance. We need to improve urban poverty first.

8. Republicans Versus Democrats- Maybe a Dime's worth of Difference. Why not be a Libertarian?

9. The War Against Drugs is Vietnam II: We're Losing this one, too. Didn't read it yet.

10. Gun Control Advocates- Good Guys with Blood on their Hands. Ah, so the answer is not less guns, more guns!

Some of his stuff I disagree with, many people think his opinions are dangerous (especially Blacks like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton). I think this book is worth a read, as it's something so different from some of my views, that it made me a more open-minded person. Atticus once said in To Kill a Mockingbird that everyone's allowed to have their opinion, and sometimes they make a good point.

Update: I read his followup book he wrote sometime after 9/11 (I believe it was called Showdown), and it really sucked. I couldn't even finish it. It's like he's gone the way of Rush Limbaugh (I've read a bit of both authors)

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