A common situation, I'm sure you will agree. You are sitting on a bus, right, and you hear the common Nokia tune (dunuh nuh nuh, dunuh nuh nuh, dunuh nuh nuh, nuuuh) and a "hello" as somebody answers their Mobile phone. If you count on your fingers to 3, you can time the precise moment you will hear the inevitable phrase...

So I am on a crowded bus one day when my mobile rings (volume set to 4 because it guilt trips me if i set it higher) and I answer it.
Me: "hello"
friend: "hi Dave, where are you?"
Nooooo! Don't make me say it, I plead in my head.
me: (very quietly) "I'm on a bus".

Grr... he can't hear me so he asks me to repeat it.
me: (a little louder) "I'm On a Bus"
friend: "say that again"

I have delayed the inevitable.

"I'M ON A BUS!!!", I scream into the phone.

Grr, I said it. What a prat.