there was a tiny leaf sitting on the road yesterday, amidst others, but this one was so tiny that my eye was drawn, as it so often is, to the simple, vibrant green smallness. i wouldn't have noticed, but for the presence of so many dried leaves that crunched beneath my feet.

yesterday there was a star that made me think of things to come, and i smiled because so much has already happened. and i can't change any of it.. and it's beautiful, the past, how it unfolded so slowly, sometimes painfully. i was so careful not to forget the things important to me that at times i didn't even remember the little seemingly insignificant moments.

noders remind me of those pale yellow butterflies that gather around puddles in the summer. precious water warmed by the sun, the perfect place for you, but.. always, they scatter so easily at the first sign of humanity.

i'm leaving, you all suck.

ps: i'm not really leaving, and i love you guys. *sniff*

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