Chickenwire was one of the zzt community's favorite games. Devised by the prolific zzter Zenith Nadir, it was bound to be full of in-jokes, be very unorganized in style and chock-full of cameos.

As a nameless protagonist you wanderd aimlessly though the boards of Chickenwire, with no real goal in mind. You speak to people such as Hercules and Smokey the Bear in your wanders, admiring the beautiful ASCII art that fills each board.

Although it is quite long enough, Zenith Nadir then continued to release updated versions of Chickenwire, such as Chickenwire v1.5 and Chickenwire v1.8, containing even more jokes that assume you've played the previous releases.

If you're a member of the zzt commune it's a definite must-play. And if you're a goof who likes random stupidity, it's a good way to waste half an hour.