Hsu and Chan, drawn and written by Jeremy "Norm" Scott, is a popular videogame-centered comic featured in the popular videogame-centered Electronic Gaming Monthly, and more recently Hsu and Chan is now it's very own comic book. On sale at better comic book vendors! Each comic begins with the opening panel, proudly boasting: "Hsu and Chan, Game Designers!" causing game designing to appear positively action-packed.

Well, with these two brothers, it often is. While displaying an effective and gut-busting parody, Hsu and Chan find themselves in a boxing match with satan, robbing a fast food chain for "game research" or uncovering a turtle vs. plumber conspiracy. With the mentally stimulating humour and beatiful artwork, this isn't your average videogame-themed comic.

For a rollicking good time, check out monthly, exlusive comics in EGM, the Hsu and Chan comic, or http://www.ape-law.com/evilmonkey/ for other great Norm Scott comics.

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