The Funky Fuzzball is an ASCII internet comic, written by Eurakarte, the same genius who brought you Mr. Shapiro and, briefly, the internet newspaper Cubesmash.

Starring quirky characters like the hobo despising "Planktonman", the legally stupid "Sherman Oppenheimer", an ill-fated little girl, named "Little girl", and of course, The Funky Fuzzball.

The Funky Fuzzball's plot stays fairly inconsistent and rarely continues from a previous episode. The humor is tounge-in-cheek, often poking fun at the real-life problems of the world. The simplistic gags and Sherman setting the gag up for Fuzzball makes this a true comical gem.

Fuzzball is updated on a "whenever Eurakarte feels like it" basis, and can be found at

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