Well, here we go. Let's defraud the poor insurance companies.

"OK, class, here's today's question: When someone defrauds an insurance company, who pays for it? Susie, there in the back."

"We do, don't we?"

"That's right, Susie, because everyone's rates have to go up to cover the cost of the fraudulent claim. Very good."

Of course, a lot of people think of fraud in connection with auto wreck whiplash scams or burning down the house when you can't make the payments, but fraud occurs in life insurance as well. A guy has a million dollar policy with AD&D. He gets AIDS from doing things he should not do. Instead of putting a gun to his head (suicide, no double indemnity), he runs his car into a bridge abutment. Accident, double indemnity. Hardly any way the insurance company can prove otherwise, either. Even though the actuaries know exactly what happened.