I could watch the Weather Channel for hours, if I only do it out of the corner of one eye. Sometimes I just leave it on in the background while I mess around on the computer.

I love the serious, and yet jaunty way the walking and talking heads on this channel interpret the flux of the skies.

They must have a hell of a great maternity leave program because I've seen several of the girls on there get pregnant, have babies, and then get pregnant again. Yet, even in full bloom, there they are, their bellies protruding out over Tupelo, happily telling me about the downpours up in Duluth. They sure know America.

One guy on there looks just like a guy I know in Atlanta. And this show comes from Atlanta. I'm a bit concerned about this, 'cause when I confront the person I know, he maintains that he has never seen this guy on the Weather Channel and has no idea what I'm talking about. And I've been telling him for over 4 years now that he's GOT to watch and see his doppelganger! . . . . Yeah, it's him. But I just can't figure out how he finds time to do both jobs, and why he won't admit to being so ambitious.

I love the Pat Metheny music and the other elevator jazz that they play when they tell me about my local conditions. I love the graphics and the colors for the radar. I have learned how to spot a tornado just by where the purple fits into the red and yellow color scheme. This will come in handy some day; I'm sure of it.