Guys will know what this means. You are in someone's house and you've got to take a leak in a bathroom that is in close proximity to the room you're visiting in. About halfway through, you start thinking, "Man, I sound like a freaking racehorse in here. This is embarrassing!" So you hit the flusher and, much to your dismay, you find that it is a speed flushing toilet. i.e., it's done and you ain't even close.

So, the people in the room hear, in this order: 1.) A man pissing like he's consumed the Mississippi River. 2.) A toilet flushing, at which point everyone is more at ease. 3.) A man still pissing. 4.) A man waiting for the toilet to refill so that he can flush again.

I've got one of these speed flushing toilets in a small bathroom in my house which I only use rarely. Even though I've been living here for several years, my left hand will still, to this day, reach out and hit the flusher in mid-piss. Every time I do it, I'm like Homer Simpson, "Dooh!" It has become some sort of involuntary reflex that I cannot control.

Do girls ever face this situation?