In my experience, the color of the hashish is all that matters. Perhaps this is a true indicator of the origin of the hashish; I don't know. But I do know this:

The blond hashish would provide the most non-threatening high. It was hardly like being high at all. The black hashish smelled foul and was a waste of money. The comic book green hashish was also pitiful.

It was the soft green hashish that was the emperor of all smokable drugs. You could take a gram of this and cut it up into small pieces that would fit in, say, a small Excedrin bottle. Armed with only this little bottle and a small pipe, perhaps with a blue barrel and a golden bowl, with just a touch of red where the mouthpiece joined the barrel; add a couple of fresh mesh screens, a dependable lighter, an acoustic guitar with fresh strings, a crisp fall day with puffy white clouds floating by at an almost sing-song pace:

If there is a Heaven, this is what it will be like.