I was once in a house where the owner was some sort of manic compulsive who could not throw anything away. There was a trail you could walk through the house, but you had to keep your arms held close to your body, or you would rub up against the stacks of newspapers and magazines piled all the way to the ceiling. It was not only the damnedest thing I'd ever seen; it was a fully blown fire hazard of the First Degree.

That's the way these old "Who wants a postcard from...." nodes are, aren't they? Surely it's not just me who feels this way. In fact, Kallen (with whom I've had some disagreements over the past few days) addressed the subject quite nicely in I just got my postcard signed by Jesus and Henry Miller in the mail!.

So, the pruning shears came out and a whole bunch of stuff was snipped, lying on the ground. But, unlike the way slackers would treat it, I hauled it all to the collection dump and made sure it got recycled. Into newspapers.

Some folks had more writeups in these nodes than others, and I'm sure they will be upset to see a bunch of w/u's gone missing tomorrow. I apologize, but surely you did not expect a thing such as that to last forever, did you?

Here's a list of the folks who had made the nodes which were removed:

  • StormHunter
  • Queequeg (2 entries)
  • Sarcasmo (2 entries)
  • Getzburg
  • Martin (created by Nine9)
  • Nine9
  • CaptainSpam
  • android
  • skully
  • hodgepodge
  • novalis
  • woundweavr
  • dis

Other Nodes / Writeups removed today: