You know, when Lord Brawl talks, I listen. You know why? Because he's a better person than I am. And if he says that the porn star name thing has gone on long enough, then I say it dies. Adios, and my apologies to those several thousand good noders who made the mistake of getting involved.

And, while I was in the spirit of all that hot reverie, I also took out the most beautiful song ever and one word title for your life.

Am I a bad person?

Nodes / Writeups removed today:

  • why are you reading this node? by herbapet.
    -I'd lay off the "herb" for a while, friend.
  • node? by same user. This time w/ penalty.
  • gore-tex tampons, arnt and we arnt amused by same user. Sheesh.
  • $3 for a beer by g_primitive.
    -Price of beer somewhere. Not exactly noding for the ages, eh?
  • How about the Specials, you stupid yank fucks? by fondue. Blank. Removed with penalty.
    -User should know better; been here long enough.
  • testnode by a couple of ancient users.
    -Kaatunut, that stuff you're doing is really messing up the system. I can't delete some of it, so nate will have to handle it. You'll be getting a bill.
  • 1-800-23FUDGE by mojo_jojo.
    -There's a lot of things you do not want to happen in your life. But, a personal visit from moJoe has got to be in the Top Three. Be careful out there.
  • I removed the newest nuke request from modnar. Without doing anything about the requests at all.
    -Why did I do that? How could I be so insensitive? Here is my question.
    -How can a user with just over 50 writeups know so damn much about what belongs here and what does not? Is this just creepy or is it just me?
  • An empty node by kung concerning what folks believe.
    -I know the softlinks were to make a point, but please don't do that, OK?