If you'd like to hear a Republican give Bill Clinton a break, I'd suggest reading Ben Stein's editorial/article in USA Today dated 3/15/2000.

In case you can't get a copy, his major points are that Clinton came to Nixon's funeral and gave a heartfelt speech when he didn't really have to. Also, when Stein's father died, Clinton sent some folks from the White House to attend the funeral as well as sent Stein a nice letter.

All in all, the stories Stein tells confirm what I've always thought:

Bill's just a good ol' boy (and for those of you who are not IN the South, this means "he actually is a good person," not, "he's a Deliverance pervert"). All he really wants is another cheeseburger, folks to like him, and some more poontang.

It's Hillary who is the evil one. Beware, NY, beware.