A structure existing in three-dimensional space consisting of six square sides, each being parallel to one and perpendicular to four other squares of equal dimensions. Discovered by Professor Frink of Simpsons fame.

Some will claim that it's nothing more than a simple cube. Although technically correct, they miss the whole point. The Simpsons are two-dimensional beings who have never before heard of cubes or the third dimension.
Unfortunately, this segment was removed in syndication.

From snpp.com:

Well, it should be obvious to even the most dim-witted individual who holds an advanced degree in hyperbolic topology, n'gee, that Homer Simpson has stumbled into...(the lights go off) the third dimension.
[turning the lights back on] Sorry.
[drawing on a blackboard] Here is an ordinary square --
Whoa, whoa -- slow down, egghead!
-- but suppose we exte-end the square beyond the two dimensions of our universe (along the hypothetical Z axis, there).
This forms a three-dimensional object known as a "cube", or a "Frinkahedron" in honor of its discoverer, n'hey, n'hey.

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