Class, Work, Class (Exam), Homework, Class, Food, Sleep.

What I have to look forward to: Alice, the video game; writing a research paper on the Origin of Absurd Theatre; reconfiguring LILO; getting my sound card to work in Linux.

Me and Bryon's co-op work of fiction was critiqued in class today. Most people didn't get it. :-( I guess it would be hard to get all billion pop culture and literary references that we had in there, and the themes were obtuse, but if the title of one section is Disorientation, do you think it's going to be an easy read? You're gonna have to work.

My friend decided that going to the front door of my house rather than the side door was too much work last night, so I ended up staying up 'til 3:00 A.M. waiting for his sorry ass.

Quote of the day: "Life is like music; it must be composed by ear, feeling, and instinct, not by rule." -- Samuel Butler