Dad Diary:

They induce Amanda's labor today, because the doctor's are afraid that the baby is growing too large too fast. Learned that ultrasounds are up to three pounds off in their weight estimate.

Scared shitless, by this time in two days, I will have a child.

I know I haven't been up-to-date on these kind of things. I know I've meant to send postcards to Sengbora-T and Girlface and others. I know I've got to finish my book.

It's been coming to this.

Random Thoughts that pop into my head include: Amanda dying and me raising our child on my own. Single Fathers are pretty rare, still. I think I'll have a hard enough time with two parents.

Time to get busy livin'.

Unemployed in Summertime
Don't need money 'cuz we're young.
--Emiliana Torrini