Spaghetti is a great tasting meal that traditionaly takes hours to make. Oh no, these days spaghetti can be made in but minutes. How is this possible you ask? It's simple, just by the parts from the store. I find that pasta are an easy, tasty, and impressive meal to share with a date.

Putting it together:
  1. bring water to a boil in a pot and add noodles to cook for about 5 mintes
  2. brown beef (or meat of your choice) in pan
  3. drain grease off meat and add your seasonings and sauce into the drained meat. This should take about another 5 or so minutes
  4. strain noodles and place noodles and back in pot
  5. serve by placing noodles on plate and pouring sauce and meat on top and garlic bread on the side.
That's it! It was fast and easy, but still good and tasty! Try different seasonings and sauces. I suggest a cream sauce with chicken.