Slackers CD's and Games

What is Slackers?
Slackers is a new and used electronic media store with 7 locations in America's heartland (5 in MO and 2 in IL). They buy, sell and trade CD's, DVD's, records, VHS tapes, and video games spanning from old to new and underground to pop. They also have a series off collectibles such as stickers, posters, and stand ups like many record stores do.

What set Slackers apart from other record/video game shops?
As soon as you walk in, a wave of cool sweeps over you. And I don't mean they have nice AC, it's like being inside a C!. The store plays a wide variety or uncensored alternative music over their in house speaker system. This may be why our local radio/internet station, 93x, picks this as their location for promotions. Monthly there will be a midnight gathering at for some either CD or video game release. Come on down. It's just fun. Beyond the sound, they have the best trial system for video games in the universe. It's called "the pit". A couch, TV, and every video game system ever made. You can grab a Red Bull (also provided at a small charge) and "test" the game for hours. They have a similar policy with music, but this is the standard headphones and stool gig, but cool still. If you're lucky or if you know anyone that works there you can get the employees sample your selection over the speaker system. They employees are always helpful and fun. All the alternative teens want to work there, so they always have a giant stack of applicants to find the best workers from. So you end up with nice service and some style. Above their great selection, hospitality, sound, and resources, they have agreeable prices. This goes for both trading in and buying. They have a buy 3 get one free deal on almost everything in house, and always offer $1, $3, or $5 off coupons (also in house).

Wow! Anything else?
Slackers has became something of a mecca for, well... slackers. They have a small clothing selection featuring their logo, and they offer free magnets! It is, by far, the best video game store in the area. Stop by if you're in town!
All information found the Slackers magnet and going there. Visit Http:// for more information and addresses!