"When they meet me, they think I'm going to be outgoing, but I like things low-key. I don't like people to think I'm bragging" - Laura Prepon

You remember her as the gorgeous redhead in That '70s Show, and that is the Laura Prepon you can expect to see in real life. Laura has stated that she acts hers self in the series and is happy with that. Outgoing and real, this late gen-xer picks her roles carefully and does not sell out to Hollywood.

Laura is a bit of a tomboy. She loves her family and sadly, her father died not long ago. She often returns to her home town Watchung, New Jersey where she was born on march 8, 1980. Acting soon became a priority in her life, and she joined the Total Theatre Lab in New York at the early age of 15. The career move move might have been accellerated by the death of her father in 1994. At the same time she started studying dance, more specifically jazz ballet. Her pasttimes includes horseback riding, tennis and gymnastics. She is a member of the Church of Scientology.

A closer look: She likes red lobster, hates soda, red meat and dairy products. Likes Harrison Ford, The Simpsons and her boyfriend (d'oh!).

Her path towards Hollywood started with a commercial for AT&T where she had to kiss an actual bullfrog.

So far, her movie list includes Slacker, Southlander and Pornographer: A Love Story. As for TV series, That '70s Show is the only one.

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