Flogging Molly
a question and answer write up

What is "Flogging Molly"?
It's a band. To be more percise, a post-grunge punk band from Los Angeles with roots in Ireland and a sound to prove it. That is, they have a traditional Irish folk sound to their instrumental music and a solid grasp of punk rock in their lyrics. Their frontman, Dave King, also provides an Irish sound in the lyrics with his outstandingly Irish voice.

Where's the band from?
Ireland. The band was founded in Dublin but went to Los Angeles in attempt to start a musical career beyond the local gigs they had been doing (and still do at their local bar, Molly Malone's). The band was picked up in 1997 by the record label "SideOneDummy" (an indie label) and released their debut album Swagger in March of 2000. Two years (2002) later Flogging Molly released another album Drunken Lullabies. The majority of their following was picked up in 2001 when Flogging Molly toured with the Warped Tour.

Who is Flogging Molly?
Dave King - Former Fastway acoustic guitarist/frontman
Bridget Regan - Fiddle player
Dennis Casey - Guitarist
Matt Hensley - Accordion player
Nathen Maxwell - Bassist
George Schwindt - Drummer
Bob Schmidt - Mandolinist

Flogging Molly is a seeming carefree and fun band that is loyal to their fanbase and are all great people. They aren't hot shots or egotistical and are known to on occasion have a drink with a few of their fans. The band comes together as great friends to perfect their sound. As Thyme (user) points out to me, Matt Hensley is also a pro skater. This has brought a bit of fame to this band in the skating community.

Right, but what exactly is their sound?
As stated above, it is a mix of punk rock and Irish folk musics. Their sound has been described (by allmusic.com) as "Ambitious, Indulgent, Energetic, Fun, Playful, Quirky, Campy, Theatrical, Carefree", but it's easier to just call them something along the lines of 'Irish Punk'. They were mainly influenced by The Pogues (another Irish band) and have a somewhat similar sound to a mellow Dropkick Murphys. If you want to sample a single, I suggest "Devil's Dance Floor". It is one of their richest songs in terms of sound. If you want to spring straight to buying a CD, pick up Swagger. This is by far their best album.

Can I have a complete album and tracklist?
Within a Mile of Home 2004
1: Screaming at the Wailing Wall - 0:00
2: Seven Deadly Sins - 0:00
3: Factory Girls (featuring Lucinda Williams) 0:00
4: To Youth (My Sweet Roisin Dubh) - 0:00
5: Whistles The Wind - 0:00
6: Light of a Fading Star - 0:00
7: Tobacco Island - 0:00
8: The Wrong Company - 0:00
9: Tomorrow Comes a Day too Soon - 0:00
10: Queen Anne's Revenge - 0:00
11: Wanderlust - 0:00
12: Within a Mile of Home - 0:00
13: The Spoken Wheel - 0:00
14: With a Wonder and a Wild Desire - 0:00
15: Don't Let Me Die - 0:00

Drunken Lullabies 2002
1: Drunken Lullabies - 3:50
2: What's Left of the Flag - 3:38
3: May the Living Be Dead (In Our Wake) 3:50
4: If I Ever Leave This World Alive - 3:21
5: The Kilburn High Road - 3:43
6: Rebels of the Sacred Heart - 5:11
7: Swagger - 2:05
8: Cruel Mistress - 2:57
9: Death Valley Queen - 4:18
10: Another Bag of Bricks - 3:45
11: The Rare Ould Times (St. John) - 4:06
12: The Son Never Shines (On Closed Doors) - 4:24

Swagger 2000
1: Salty Dog - 2:21
2: Selfish Man - 2:54
3: The Worst Day Since Yesterday - 3:38
4: Every Dog Has Its Day - 4:24
5: Life in Tenement Square - 3:11
6: The Ol' Beggars Bush - 4:33
7: The Likes of You Again - 4:34
8: Black Friday Rule - 7:01
9: Grace of God Go I - 1:55
10: Devil's Dance Floor - 3:59
11: These Exiled Years - 5:17
12: Sentimental Johnny - 4:47
13: Far Away Boys - 5:06

Alive Behind the Green Door (Live) 1997
1: Swagger
2: Every Dog Has His Day
3: Selfish Man
4: Never Met a Girl Like You Before
5: Laura
6: If I Ever Leave This World Alive
7: Black Friday Rule
8: What Made Milwaukee Famous...
9: Between a Man and a Woman
10: Delilah

Also, the title track "Drunken Lullabies" was featured on Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 late 2002 or early 2003.
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