A 1980's rock band, consisting of three members.

"Fast" Eddie Clark, formerly of Motorhead.
Jerry Shirley, formerly of Humble Pie.
David King, formerly of unknown.

This group was supposed to be the next Led Zepellin. They did achive some fame, but never really caught on.

A discography, courtesy of Rolling Stone.
Fastway/All Fired Up, 2000
Say What You Will: Live, 1998
On Target (Reworked), 1998
On Target/Bad Bad Girls, 1994
Bad Bad Girls, 1990
On Target, 1988
Trick or Treat, 1987
Waiting for the Roar, 1986
World Waits for You, 1986
All Fired Up, 1984
Fastway, 1983

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