There are hundreds of uses for this trippy little sticks. A few that come to mind date back many years before such things as rave parties ever existed. While very young, I was known to carry these light sources while dressed up in constume on halloween. As it was too dark outside, I found comfort in knowing that drivers and other trick-or-treaters could see me clearly.

I also used to take them on camping trips, which has many uses. Especially on those trips that you plan to do some night hiking, and you want to mark your campsite so it is easy for you to find. (Mind you, there are far better light sources if you want to see what's immediately in front of you). For the boy scouts out there, lord knows, I've used these many times on Snipe Hunts to scare young little scouts.

If you're a juggler, they make good night-time juggling show props. But they do get kind of hard to stare at for too long a time.