The concept of Theme Camps relates to the Burning Man festival which occurs at Black Rock City in the middle of Lake Lahontan which is in Northeast Nevada.

There are two main criteria for what a theme camp should be.

  • "you always welcome anybody and everybody"
  • "A theme camp must be participatory"

Hence there should be No Spectators.

You can pick any theme you like, such as:

There are almost no rules, you can create, or not create any type of atmosphere you like using any kind of props you want to use. Some people bring very little and make a lot out of it with performance. Other people spend literally thousands of dollars on exotic equipment including huge gas powered generators and sound systems. They tend to be money pits, soaking up disposable income right and left. The reward is that people doing the coolest theme camps are in a position to meet a lot more people and make a lot more friends, which is basically what it's all about.

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