One hot Burning Man day, I was standing underneath the cold waters of The One Tree, and I struck up a conversation with a man who introduced himself as Weird Richard. He was telling me about a school he's involved with where they teach with Lego. It's the belief at the school that you can teach anything by the use of Lego. As we were talking, the woman next to him was rinsing the extra bright red dye from her hair. When the water ran clear off of her hair, she removed her shirt.

Weird Richard stopped, and turned to her. Wow, I didn't know you were pierced, he said, referring to her now-visible nipple piercings.

It never came up, she replied.

You're right. When would it come up?

He turned to me, and explained, I'm the principal of this small private school, and she's one of my teachers. He shrugged. It never came up.

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