I may or may not be in attendence, as I no longer live in the immediate vincinity of the get-together, but I would like to make a few suggestions for key elements of noder pleasure:

food: Brave the 520 floating bridge in pursuit of flame or fish: Bellevue harbors the ultra-awesome (sadly lacking in vegetarian options, though) Dixie's Barbecue. Or hit Old Redmond for some of my favorite sushi anywhere at Nara. Order a Nara special roll -- it's kind of like a dragon roll. It's what got me hooked on raw fish. Nara also has a full menu of assorted Japanese food for the fish-freaked.

drink: Hit South Capitol Hill for beverages of intoxication. The Pike-Pine neighborhood is the best in Seattle for bar-crawling. There are too many decent drinkeries to list, and more than enough to suit any particular mood the group tends towards. Though I will say: If you're in the mood for huge cheap drinks, the Cadillac Grille is an underappreciated destination. Sit in the diner for greasy food, the dance floor if you want to watch silly soft gay porn videos and bad dancing,. or the little bar inbetween for a little of both!

I'll add more as I think of it...