(So, uh, what's this Fishsticks thing going on on the 14th, then?)
- Read on, intrepid quester, for the answers to your burning enigmas will below become resolved! And, uh, perhaps the enigmas themselves will become extinguished. Now /that's/ relief!

Is it true that you molest farm animals?
It is true (tee tee hee!) that a fabulous expedition has been well planned and organized for the following day... but for travellers, arriving in time for the 15th's afternoon treasure hunt, accounting for delaying intensified customs and security checks at the longest undefended border in the world would mean (gasp! no!) yes, leaving for Vancouver in the early morning. Early on a Saturday, after a night on the town you say? Never!

Well, let us simplify things. The night will be the same, but we invite you to make the town... our town! Come on the night of the 14th, take in a meal with us (at the infamous and unique Monsoon, to be noded only by its immediate converts), eat some poop, revolt some dancing (?!), and experience the surreal carnival armosphere of of Christmastime at Hastings and Main - the Western world's largest open-air drug market! Dress warmly for the unbeatable spectacle of nature both artifice and genuine at the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Gardens and Tower Beach, respectively. Maybe we'll burn some stuff while we're down there, too - setting guttering rafts alight into the tide and marvelling that some of them still flicker as we wind our way back up the labyrinthine forest trail.

Other highlights to include:

  • See Moongirl off at supper! Marvel and speculate as to what her subtle and secret scavenger hunt list addendum will be!
  • Try to wipe the smile off the face of P_I, flushed and exhilarated from finishing his Poli Sci final exam that very morning! (Go on, ask me about West German pre-reunification economic policy. On second thought, don't.) If you ask nicely, I'll play the accordion for you! If you ask nicer, I'll stop!
  • Breakfast the next morning at Chinatown's globally-renowned Buddhist Vegetarian Restaurant for their boggling karmically-correct dim sum! Wonder exactly what is in that "Lemon Chicken" you can't stop eating! Pontificate in futility trying to determine how it is that their patented porkless "Sweet and Sour Pork" is /better/ than the real article! Make a mental list of vegan friends who bemoan a lack of any restaurants catering to their needs!
  • And, uh, did I mention what was going on the next day? More to the point - did I mention that it would include a visit to the Casa Gelato?@#$%& No, I didn't think I mentioned that bit. In fact, I positively left it out. To say nothing of the free 36-tuba concert on Granville Island... whoops.
  • Actually, we're admittedly a bit short on other ideas at the moment... but we're enthusiastic and eager to take suggestions! On top of which, I will extend the following promises, addressing problems of previous meets: you need not eat at least one bug! If we play hide-and-seek and you hide, you will actually be sought! No one will get lost looking for the Fremont Troll! And any games of Trivial Pursuit which get themselves started will not last until 5 in the morning, instead being resolved at 2 am by a team arm-wrestle. *UPDATE* - screw Trivial Pursuit: we've still got the making for a tremendous round of Clay-o-Rama here. Participation will be mandatory.

It's easy: I'm a solipsist - you are all just figments of my imagination.
Make it easy on yourself! Why resist? Don't make me get Bruno to bring out the Instruments of Persuasion!

Let me make it easy for you...

    - Sofas and a surplus of mattresses at the TabHouse are ready for your supine forms should xdjio be playing a cruel trick on you in the write-up above.

    - Let me know if you're interested in attending and I can hook you up with anyone else in your general vicinity also expected for some sweet carpool-convoy action!

    - Don't drive? I can arrange to meet you at the bus / train station (same building) - I live mere blocks away.

    - Heck, I can even convert American dollars to Canadian currency! Whatever it takes to get your sweet grinning mugs up here!

There's even a commemorative mix CD in the works. If that doesn't move you, truly you are made of stone.

For lack of other information, I'll say that we'll first reliably be found in congregation waiting outside the Monsoon restaurant on the south-east corner of (2526) Main Street and Broadway at 5:30 pm (and not 6 pm as earlier reported), since it gets dark early. They only seat complete parties, so we'll hesitate no longer than a half-hour! Consider yourselves warned!
Excursions north - to the Tabhouse, Clay-O-Rama and/or la Casa Gelato to follow, then to xdjio's to crash if you find our bevy of mattresses lacking appeal.

If you get lost in Vancouver and can't find us, xdjio can be contacted at all hours on his cell phone at 604-715-6765. Wake him up! see if I care! I can be reached at 604-253-5804 if I'm in the house, else one of my roommates can be rude to you and/or take messages.

Moongirl should be at least eating with us. Well, at most, also.
Xdjio and Pseudo_Intellectual, the coordinators of this shebang, should be present with bells on. Figuratively speaking.
flamingweasel is drivin' on up from Seattle, perhaps with jasonm in tow (or who might be towed by Unless and, uh, friend), and rumour has it that his vehicle still has plural seats available that would otherwise go UNFILLED! Quelle pitie...
Of course, yammy yamchops, living mere minutes away, couldn't be compelled NOT to come.
And having been exposed to the addictive Monsoon menu, the same can be said of Zarah.
We might even see everyone's favourite belligerent drunk, prole!
Who else? Could it be YOU?!

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