"Crazy" is also a song by the band Aerosmith off the album Get a Grip, also released as a single and most notable for its titillating music video. The music video, by director Marty Callner, cuts between shots of the band performing the song in concert and scenes of two schoolgirls on a road trip, played by 18-year-old Alicia Silverstone and Steven Tyler's 17-year-old daughter, Liv. With a supply of schoolgirl giggles and guffaws that would feed a family of four for a year, if families of four ate giggles, the two girls make their way flirtatiously from one episode to the next in their black Ford Mustang convertible. These girls don't seem to take anything seriously.

The girls' road trip begins with them cutting class -- Alicia by climbing out a bathroom window, getting her school-uniform skirt caught on the latch -- and driving off and out of L.A. in said black Mustang convertible, shedding off their school uniforms. The first episode of their trip takes to some back-road gas station to fill up, where an bald, creepy guy sits by the door, leering and making lewd facial gestures at the girls, especially as Liv inadvertantly waves her behinds at him while pumping. Liv seems to get a kick out of this. In the station's convenience store, the clerk, a stereotypical slacker almost directly out of Clerks, turns a blind eye as they shoplift half the entire store. In exchange, the two sneak into the store's instant photo booth (did most back-road gas station convenience store have instant photo booths back in the '90s?) to take some revealing photos of themselves. As they hand the strip of photos to the dude at the counter, his overacted reaction says everything.

Next, their Mustang pulls by a back-road strip club, where, by chance, it is "amateur night", prize money being 500 smackeroos. Alicia convinces Liv to enter into the competition, but it doesn't seem like Liv needed much convincing. Alicia puts on a gangster suit and a hat; Liv puts on some silver undergarments and a loose-fitting top; and they go into the club. The bouncer balks at their fake IDs, but somehow they still make it in. The best part of the video is Liv's strip tease number, where she mimics for the audience her father's concert moves -- including shaking out of hair, spitting, and high-kicking -- which the video cross-cuts with hers. Needless to say, Liv wins the prize, and the flirt-train drives on.

The last episode in the video has the two girls driving by a field where a hunky farmer boy is riding a tractor. The girls pick him up, and convince him to go swimming with them in some pond (probably a bad idea, seeing what kind of parasites proliferate in standing water). The boy takes off his clothes, which seems to startle the girls, who apparently never heard of skinny dipping. In any case, the girls run off back to the car and drive away, leaving the boy to run after them stark naked. He catches up and jumps back into the car, putting his arms around the two girls. The video ends with a shot of the field, in which the boy's tractor, unattended, has tilled the word "Crazy" in cursive.

The full version of the video has an epilogue, in which the two girls drive by a hitchhiker, who is dressed in all black and sunglasses and is carrying way too much luggage. They don't pick him up, and the hitchhiker seems incredibly upset at that. The girls, characteristically, giggle some more. I'm not sure what this epilogue is supposed to mean, but maybe some of you can illuminate me.

Apparently, there is a "director's cut" version of the video, which includes some behind-the-scenes footage and expands the first and second episodes at the expense of the third episode.

This is one of the most classic music videos in the MTV era, rivaling such masterpieces as Fatboy Slim's Weapon of Choice and Peter Gabriel's Sledgehammer.