It is nearly 3am over here in Singapore, and I can't sleep. I am afraid that there is nothing new there - somewhere along the line sleepless nights became the rule rather than the exception. I need to wake up early, so I can't take a sleeping pill or I will be too groggy too wake up in the morning. If that weren't bad enough, because I can't take a pill I wont be able to go to sleep anytime soon and therefore will be groggy and wont be able to wake up.

So as I lay there trying to sleep, I was struck by the thought that I really ought to start keeping a tally of how many sheep I have counted over the years. I mean, it would be an impressive conversation starter. Who knows, I might even be able to use it to pick up women!

"Did you know that over the last 4 years I have counted in excess of seven-hundred and thirty thousand sheep!?"

"My god! Thats over five-hundred a night! That is both fascinating AND an incredible turn-on!"

Heh... *sigh* I hope you guys liked that drop of humor. I mean, who knows? If it weren't for getting up to type this I might be asleep by now.

Aaannnyway. For now however, I have been noding... a lot. When I am not noding I am thinking about noding. I am starting to see why, within the first day of joining, people were warning me to leave before I become horribly addicted. I feel I am really starting to make progress, and the noders who I have spoken to have been incredibly helpful. I am really surprised by just how willing people are to give advice to a newbie, so many online communities seem to feel such disdain for us silly 'n00bs.'

Well, I have been thinking about what to write next. I would node another game I have been playing, but I feel the urge to try to node something on a different subject. After all, I am new here, and so far all of my writeups have been... well... kinda dull. I wouldn't want to give the wrong impression now would I? So I have thought of the perfect node, and I will begin working on it after I have had some sleep. This idea of mine? This perfect node? It is a subject very close to my heart:

Breasts, Otters, Creativity and Greed: a Critique of Singaporean Society.
Or: People told me I needed to use more interesting titles

Well, I hope that people can extract some kind of use and or humor from this node. As always, I stand ready to receive any advice this community has to offer. Oh, and as for the pickup line, let me know if it works.