1. Accept that you are trapped in a mindfuck cycle. This is a bit similar to accepting that you are on a passenger train that is about to careen into a wall of solid rock.
2. Resist the urge to panic. If you must, place your head between your knees.
3. When you are no longer hyperventilating, stand up and walk towards the back of the train. You will find that you have a much larger perspective from this vantage point.
4. Watch the other passengers scream and carry on in a ridiculous manner. Remember, these people are not you. You are merely travelling together. While they may resent you for being so calm, they cannot hurt you. (These people comprise everything you hate about yourself). Stare straight at them. Single them out, one by one. Eventually, they will exhaust themselves by shaking their fists and yelling obscenities.
5. One of them will walk over to you, curious at your strange behaviour.
6. Then, in typical herd fashion, the rest should follow.
7. Sit them down in a circle around you and tell them a story about trains. Make them laugh and clap their hands.
8. Now, turn your head to the side, and look out the window.
9. Suddenly you will realize that you are outside the train, standing in the green grass.
10. You will have a terrific view of the imminent carnage.