i'm at work. only, work isn't work. work is me sitting in the cab of a piece of very large construction equipment on campus with my iBook. dream logic. it made sense then.

while "working" i get an email from my ex gf. it says she wants to get back together. suddenly she comes running up from out of nowhere and starts hugging and kissing me. i push her away and say "we need to talk." meaning to tell her i don't want to get back together, that i'm over her and happy with someone else now. before i can say that she says "ok, but lets go to the tunnel first." and takes off running. i run after her. suddenly she isn't wearing clothes anymore.

we get to a tunnel that is apparently located somewhere on campus. it's pitch black. i see the faint red glow of a cigarrette. i smell a trap. suddenly flood lights illuminate the area. her, her new boyfriend, and Dave Grohl(!?) are all standing there laughing at me and start throwing rocks at me in an attempt to stone me to death. i take off running but trip and fall down, they descend on me for the kill.

i wake up screaming.