Nothing much happened today. I went to chemistry lab. Mixed up the chemicals, pretending like I knew what I was doing. I felt like sabotaging other people's experiements, but felt to lazy to actually go on with my thoughts. Afterwards I went to the Academic Services building. Noded a little. Got my first C!.
After that I was feeling pretty good about myself. I overheard a couple of guys discussing the boxing fight tomorrow. I pretended like I knew what they were talking and joined in their conversation so that I can amuse myself.
I then drove half an hour to a "meeting" with a certain Joe. Didn't go so well. He was in my car and just wouldn't get out. He said, "I'm going to kiss you (myname). After I do that I will leave." I said, "NO...Just get out!" and pushed him out. Pretty mean of me? I suppose it was.
I drove home, pumped in 2 bucks of gas right before getting home. It was all I had. I went in my room, looked under my bed for Thomas, figured perhaps my dream was coming true and he was there. He wasn't. I then logged into e2...and here I am.