I decide to go to the movies. I sit way in the front(close to the door) and start working on a puzzle. The movie is of me and 4 other friends:

We're standing around like bums, trying to decide what to do for the next week. My friends says, "I hear World War II is a cool thing to try out." We enlist in the army, and to war we go. I'm then in a road in between 2 corn fields, and I hear, "I'll check this side of the field. You take that side! Kill everyone on sight. Make sure all is dead!" I jump to the right side of the field and play dead. Just then the field turns into just a fucking yard. No longer am I protected from the tall crops. I see the man approaching with his gun. I freeze and close my eyes. BAM! One shot on my shoulder. I remain still. I then feel a sign of relief when they walk past me.
Damn my luck. As I glance up I see an army walking in my direction. They're stealing from all the dead bodies and shotting them at least 3 times. I then have a gun in my hand, just as a man picks it up from the floor. He aims at my head and shoots 5 times. Nothing. Am I dead at this point? Lying there, was that me dead? Is this what it feels like to be dead? I don't know. I don't think the man shot me. Perhpas blanks in the gun.
My friends and I are then at the beach. We're all arguing with eachother. I have a bandage on my shoulder. Just then on of my friends walks into the water and swims away from the shore. After we've argued, we realize that our friend is too far from the shore. We scream, "Hey! Come back already!" He tries to swim back to us, but he can't. He's getting further and further away. We all jump in the water, all of us trying to save him. He screams at us, "No! Sometimes you just have to learn to let go!" We stop and watch him get further off. There was no way we could have saved him. Tears fall from my eyes. He's gone. Poof! I wake up.