I was the leader of most destructive firefighters ever, as they caused more damage than the fire itself. At one point there was a fire at some truck stop, and while we turned to the parking lot, I jumped out from the car to give commands to others, but they didnt stop the firetruck so I ran after them. No one seemed to have control of it, and the firetruck bashed straight through row of truck trailers. I could only laugh at them, and I dont remember if the fire got even under control, but I laughed even as the owner of the fire department came to the place with his Mercedes. He got out from his car and stared at the destruction, while I tried to control my laughter enough to explain it to him. He asked what the hell had happened, and I told him that this was about the standard success: "You see, its not as bad as it seems.. This kind of stuff happens all the time, and its nothing compared to the fire's at friday evenings when the firefighters have been drinking! This just happened to be the first time it got enough attention that cops came in.." As he listened to me, his face turned red and his eyes bulged with anger, untill he interrupted me and vowed to kick my ass for this, but though he tried to hit me, I blocked his punch. He stepped back, impressed by my speed, and told that he had cybernetic implants, and he could beat me up anytime he wanted, but after I blocked three faster hits and started hitting back, I dont remember what happened..

Next thing I remember is that I had gotten to his home, and sneaked around unnoticed. He apparently suspected that I was in there, but we didnt meet so I had time to make preparations. I had armed myself with a large knife found from his kitchen and a bag of salt for throwing at his eyes, but suddenly I heard his snoring from the bedroom as he thought no one was here after all. I put the knife on my belt, and got myself a bottle of brandy and a lighter before silently starting to sneak towards his bedroom. I thought that he might have been just pretending, but he was fully asleep so I wet his blanket with the brandy and set it on fire. He screamed as he jumped to sitting position in fire, but I woke up..

We walk into what looks like a buffet. The line is long; the first thing we see is dessert. My parents get some and ask me why I don't. I tell them I'll get it after everything else. We go through the line and I get mashed potatoes and chicken. I see ham. I want to get it but my mom tells me I don't need it. Ok. I want to get the dessert now. My mom starts yelling at me, gets very upset and leaves. I follow her. This is totally not fair. The women at the train station look at us. Maybe if I tell them what's wrong they’ll understand my side of the story. I tell them and my mom, in a tearful voice, says that we would be invited into nicer restaurants if it weren’t for me. We are, after all, in France. And I seem to be a mashed potato person. I get mad and walk down the long wooden corridor to find my grandma. She's standing near the window, looking outside. I spend some time with her and ask her where my dad is. She doesn't seem worried. I walk back down the corridor. The women and my mom aren't there anymore. I go down the long spiraling stairs. They are made of fine wood and they are polished nicely. I see my dad. He's not worried. We go back up the stairs to my grandma and end up on the first floor.
I think we're home, but it's more like a small rented condo. It's drizzling outside. Where's mom? She can't be outside; she wouldn't go out in the rain. She's a very reasonable person. My dad tells me to check outside anyway. I step into the backyard through the glass doors, look left, then right. I don't see her. I go around the building not expecting to find her. There she is, on the front porch talking to a friend of hers. She smiles at me. She's not mad anymore, I guess. Such a relief. I go back in to tell dad and grandma I found mom. Then I go back out because I'm worried about her being out in the rain. The rain is getting worse. She's farther from the house, walking out onto a path leading into a grassy expanse. She's with her friend and uncle Simon. I ask her to come back home, the lightning worries me. She's holding a shovel. I guess that they're going to go dig raspberry bushes. My uncle holds a camera in front of one eye, he looks like a Borg. He lifts a shovel and points it at the sky, demonstrating that he isn't afraid of the lightning. Please, I ask my mom, come back. It's dangerous. No, she tells me. If she doesn't do this now we'll die from the cold, she says. Very reluctantly I stop begging, I ask her to point the shovel down and hold the top metal part of the handle with one hand so lightning doesn't strike it. She agrees. Then I have an idea. I ask if I can go with her. She agrees! I ask to go into the house to put on something warm. She agrees again. I come in and it's raining so badly and the wind is so massive. The house is beginning to get flooded. I take off my wet clothes and a river of rainwater runs through the room. My clothes fall into the water. I am naked. I go to the dresser and get out a shirt. I put it on and when I zip it, my stomach begins to hurt.
I woke up gasping for air.

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