In the past week I have been attacked by bees in three different occasions.

  1. I was in my room working on my biology report when all of a sudden a swarm of bees were around my head. I figured a window had been left open throughout the day, and disregarded the entire incident.
  2. This time it didn't escape my thoughts so easily and it took place no more than 29 hours later. I was sitting on the commode, minding my own business, when a bee stings me on my right leg. Before I know it, bees are swarming all around me. I run out of the restroom with my pants halfway down. This is when I realized either we had a bee problem or bees had a problem with me.
  3. Two days after the commode incident, I was walking my little sister to her bus, when I see five bees going way over their average speed of 12 miles per hour toward me. They start flying over me and don't even go near my sister.

These three occasions have caused me to devise two theories explaining why I am continuously attacked by bees.

  1. After examining my head closely, I've realized that I may possibly have a laser pointing at my head, in which the ultraviolet(bees cannot see most colors) light that it is emitting can only be seen by bees. Since bees cannot focus (they have no pupils) and realize that the light is pointed to my head and not their hive or a flower, they near it to get a better look. This laser pointed at my head is coming from an unknown source and as soon as I find out who is behind it, HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE.
  2. Another theory that I have gathered is that these bees did not mean to sting me (stung twice). They were sent to me for a different reason. They are looking for a human representative to stand up for them in the human world, and they have chosen me. My name, Xochitl, stands for the goddess of flowers, and they somehow know this. This made me a candidate. Why they are just now deciding to stand up to humans, I do not know. Perhaps they are tired of having to leave their nest due to us humans. Perhaps they want to take over the world. Whatever the reason may be, I have been chosen.

It's been five days and no more attacks. Maybe because I realized what was really going on and they stopped. I miss the attacks. Life isn't the same anymore. It don't have that spunk that it had when I was attacked. BEES, WHERE ARE YOU? WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME?