With much interest I have read the information about comparisons between this website with hamburger restaurants. I wonder if the comparison is between that of the website and a hamburger restaurant of some level of respectablity or one that is awful and run by poorly washed ragamuffins who wear the same sweater every time they go to a sweater-requiring function of some kind or another.

I have often ordered a hamburger with onions. Also, cheese is added at times. Cheeseburger.

I like to compare E2 to Faidley's in Old Baltimore.

There is a lot of personal involvement here. Often a user named paraclete asks me to marry her. I worry that she is shaved of head and on pills like Britney Spears. When I was younger I heard that girls put out at hamburger joints but never saw this in action.

So here is my requested poem for this section of website which is long overdue as there has been to this point a real dearth of pages making comparison between this website and hamburger joints. I am unable to find another one.

Hamburger, cheeseburger
Crab cakes and lemon wedges
Little girls putting out
In the parking lot of The Lord
Watching over the fryers
And the liars and the cheats
My wife had a lover for many years
I made his car payments for him
While my wife went down on him
And I watched Magnum, P.I. alone
Alone and so lonely
I longed for the Berlin Wall
Where I came of age
And now I turn the page
Because I love the Everything2 website
It is quite a sight to see
As websites go it is pretty cool
Moreso than Big Sausage Pizza pornography
Here we have real life and poetry
And the freaks are pretty cool
Even if half of them are communists