Additionally: the workforce of United Parcel Service (non-management, that is) is organized under the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (President James P. Hoffa, Jr.). The last strike was in 1997, with the current contract expiring July 31st, 2002.

As an employee of UPS, I would like to say a few things to help you get the most out of your package shipping experience.

1) 99% of all boxes that come through our belts have "Fragile" marked on them. Don't think that by writing "Handle with care" on your box that it is going to be treated any better than any other box, folks.

2) If you have a 5x5in. 100lb. package, please do not just throw it in 20x20in box unpacked. The laws of gravity will do very bad things to your precious merchandise.

3) If you have a package that should not be bent, write "please do not bend". Please goes a long way, people! I get VERY pissed off in those hot trailers. Picture this: 2am, an 80 degree trailer, you look in front of you and you see an empty trailer, you look behind you and you see a belt filled with 500 packages. You look down and you see a package smugly saying to you "Do NOT Bend!". What would you do? The difference between a polite request and a stern demand can mean a lot.

4) Don't expect your crystal wine glasses to make it to its destination in one piece if you don't know how to pack it right. And I don't feel the least bit bad for someone who can't take the time to bubble wrap.

There's much, much more I am forgetting, but oh well. The point is, if you want your shit on time and in one piece, don't be stupid. Pack your shit. Label it clearly and maybe draw some obscene stick figure sex scene on a side to amuse us cogs in the well-oiled multi-billion dollar machine that is UPS.