Airborne Express is an international shipping company, similar to United Parcel Service, FedEx, DHL and others.

Like many other companies, Airborne Express offers overnight, second day, urgent delivery and other options. They also can manage large mail distributions for small or large corporations.

Their headquarters is in Seattle, Washington, and they boast service to almost every US zip code and over 200 countries.

Some information from this writeup came from Airborne Express' web site

Personal Note : Also like many major shippers, they can lose packages. What astounded me was that they LOST my computer, with absolutely no idea what happened or where it went. I was forced to berate the original seller ( into shipping another, which then arrived quite late. Suffice it to say I am not impressed with their service record.

It should be noted that as of September of 2003, Airborne Express was acquired by DHL, bringing the number of major, non-federal agency, shipping companies down to three. Empirical evidence shows that the brand name and trademark silver trucks are still being used, as is the name for some mail-order catalogs. Since DHL is currently running an ad campaign that seems to be trying to get their name out and get people to use a service other than FedEx or UPS, my guess is that they're keeping the name around for recognition.

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